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Would you like to become an Agent?


Want to be part of a rapidly growing network that provides you with 100% reliable support? Become a domestic or international Freight Agent at EvoluXion Y LLC to experience logistics like you‘ve never before. Our advanced tools, technology and team of experts, are provided to you to put you in a better position to succeed! Not to mention, we offer a very competitive pay. We’ve noticed that agents at EvoluXion Y LLC thrive off of our positive work culture/environment. Come by our office to witness for yourself why we are confident in the work we do and how we do it as a team.

Becoming an Agent

Thank you for you interest in becoming an agent for EvoluXion Y LLC. We are seeking agents with at least 2 or more years of experience in the transportation industry and Freight Brokers.  Become part of our family team. The benefits of being an agent are described below.

Our Commitment to You:

First and foremost, EvoluXion Y LLC. is committed to supporting your business in a variety of ways, depending upon your level of knowledge and participation within the company.

What We Do For You:

What does EvoluXion Y LLC do for you as an agent?

  • Provides all liability and cargo insurance and safety support.
  • Provides accounts receivable and collections on your accounts.
  • Provides weekly payment on collected loads.
  • Provides you with leads.
  • Provides excellent environment and flexibility.
  • Allows you to be free to operate at your own time.
  • Allows greater financial participation as you grow.
  • Sets up your options, how you want to get paid, what percentage, depending on experience and clientele.
Weekly Payments

Lastly, the most important area is payment. We pay the agents commission based of the gross revenue of the load.  We are willing to arrange these percentages as you go in any manner that would benefit the operation.  In the time being  we can offer you even more advantages, such as additional percentages on     the Ocean Freight and others areas of the company.

While this list is not all-inclusive, we hope this is enough information to stimulate your interest. Contact our operations or HR departments to answer any questions you may have.The number is: (305) 530-8095 or email [email protected]


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